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Il Cantuccio Srl

at the restaurant Il           Cantuccio in Massa Lubrense,        

You find taste, courtesy and tradition!


"One of the best things in life, eating well lifts the spirit and strengthens the body"

At Il Cantuccio Restaurant in Massa Lubrense, our family, we are all F.lli Fontana, we work with passion and love every day to find the perfect blend of gastronomic quality and flavors of tradition and to give our guests a fantastic taste experience!

the restaurant

Our restaurant is located a few kilometers from Sorrento, in the heart of the beautiful town of Massa Lubrense, famous for its blue flag beaches and its gardens, olive and lemon groves of the Sorrento Peninsula.

We are proud that Il Cantuccio today represents one of the jewels in the crown of the peninsular gastronomy.

We wanted it this way: a special place where the taste for genuine flavors and quality combine admirably with the attention for tradition.

the kitchen

The menu of our restaurant favours the most authentic tastes of the Neapolitan tradition: Nerano spaghetti, Neapolitan pizza cooked in a typical wood oven, homemade pasta with excellent fish recipes, sea and land appetizers, fried Neapolitan food and fried seafood, and to finish exquisite sweets from Campania.

Each recipe prepared by the chef's skilled hands is characterized by the choice of top quality and freshly-made, high-quality organic ingredients, is embedded in the history of a country and is characterized by so much love and immense passion.

the location

A fabulous location strategically located on the rocky coast stretching from Sorrento to the beautiful piazzetta Vescovado of Massa Lubrense.

A breathtaking view appears before the visitors eyes: the gaze remains enchanted on the Gulf of Naples with its most beautiful pearl, the laughing Capri, the blue island, which here from the green terrace of our Cantuccio Restaurant seems almost  touchable and The bay of Nerano with its crystalline sea!

A Gulf that gives a different sunset every day, pure joy for the heart to enjoy while enjoying exceptional flavors, for an unforgettable sensory experience!